Acupuncture & Reflexology Complement Fertility Care

Acupuncture and reflexology have a positive impact on fertility.  Both of these healing modalities balance hormone levels and restore the flow of vital energy.  This optimizes health and reduces stress creating improved conditions for fertility care. The use of complementary treatment like acupuncture and reflexology can also be beneficial in combating long-term conditions and are […]

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Stay Close to Those You Love

Life has its challenges.  I know mine does.  Sometimes the universe lines up nicely and everything flows together gently and smoothly.  And then out of no where you’re hit by a wave and you come up sputtering … wondering what happened. No matter what you are facing, it is helpful to stay close to your […]

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New Year’s Resolution Tips, continued

As we discussed last week, the key to being successful with your New Year’s resolutions is to be realistic, stay focused, plan, and work with a buddy.  These tips work and so do the following suggestions: Reward Yourself.  Celebrate your success by treating yourself to something that you enjoy that does not contradict your resolution.  […]

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Mind Body Fertility

I know first hand the frustration and despair that sets in when you can’t easily get pregnant. It’s a tough journey.  One of the hardest that I went through.  But in the end it worked out for me.  I have a wonderful daughter.  And it will work out for you too. As you travel along […]

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Tips for Being Thankful

Well Thanksgiving is only two days away and perhaps you are prepared and perhaps you are not.  Perhaps you are excited about the holiday, and perhaps you are feeling overwhelmed and frustrated.  Wherever you are at take some time for yourself to recharge; to get your mind into a thankful place. So how do you […]

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Handling Stress

I recently attended a fertility conference and learned that 40% of women going through repeat fertility care experience some form of depression or anxiety.  I share this so that if you are struggling, you know that you are not alone. When I went through my own fertility treatment (7 IVF cycles; some fresh, some frozen […]

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