Vitamin D and Fertility

Vitamin D is known to be an important part of our general health. Data now suggests it may play a role in fertility and success of treatments. Sunlight is a natural source of Vitamin D, however during the long winter months with less sun exposure an added Vitamin D supplement may be suggested based on […]

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Food for Thought …

We need to stay healthy over the holidays maintaining a sensible relationship with our food.  Here are some suggestions that may help: Be Mindful.  Before feeding the urge to consume, think about what you are eating.  Is it good for you?  Is it what your body needs right now?  Sometimes being less impulsive is all […]

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Food is Nature’s Medicine

See this incredible link about foods that cure, based on Joan Bauer’s new book Food Cures.  Did you know that ginger helps with aches and pain, red peppers are good for arthritis, and pumpkin reduce inflammation?  Check it out and let us know what food cures you know of.

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