Food is Nature’s Medicine

See this incredible link about foods that cure, based on Joan Bauer’s new book Food Cures.  Did you know that ginger helps with aches and pain, red peppers are good for arthritis, and pumpkin reduce inflammation?  Check it out and let us know what food cures you know of.

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How can we lower our stress?

We’ve often heard how lowering our stress helps improve overall health, including infertility, but how do we go about managing our stress, when just the idea of trying to lessen it creates more stress?  It is a challenging cycle but there are ways to step off the merry-go-round and become more centered, more grounded and […]

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Healing Thoughts

Came across this inspirational column today.  And wanted to share some excerpts: All of us experience surprises every day which cause changes in our lives. These surprises can be joyful or they can be sad.  Either way they have to be embraced so we can go forward.  One of the biggest struggles in every person’s life is […]

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10 Ways to Reduce Stress

Thought this link might be a good reminder to all of us, especially on those hard to take days.  What do you think?  What works best for you? Link to article: 10 Ways to Reduce Stress

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Acupuncture Improving IVF Success

We found this article on acupuncture improving the odds of IVF success and wanted to share.  It seems that so little is known about alternative care and it is worth becoming more educated. Link to article: Getting Acupuncture May Improve the Odds of IVF Success

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Welcome to the Michigan Center for Fertility & Women’s Health and In Harmony Healing Center blog page.  We will share with you our insights on health, wellness and fertility.

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