September 8, 2011

Dealing with Loss

We tend to shy away from experiencing the sadness that comes with our losses as if there is something wrong with feeling sad.  But the truth is that only by grieving and allowing ourselves to feel the emotions losses create can we heal and move on.

Upon my divorce 8 years ago, my minister told me to take the time to grieve.  That the end of my marriage was a loss, just like a death, and I needed to take the time to experience my loss.  I remember little else of his counsel, but these words of wisdom have helped me many times over the years, with all kinds of life experiences.

We all struggle with loss, whether it is the loss of job, a friend, a time in our life, or a dream for the future.  We don’t have to avoid the sadness that comes with the loss, rather experience it so we can move through it and emerge stronger and happier on the other side.

How we take time to grieve is different for all of us.  It starts by taking some quiet time and looking within for answers.  For some of us, a walk in the woods, a good cry, prayer, meditation, journalling, talking to a friend are all great options.  Some of us need the guidance and support of a community so coming to a healing center, where there are healing modalities like acupuncture, massage, support groups, healing touch are worth exploring.

Please share with us how you handle loss.  We learn by being open and honest with others.

Thank you.

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