December 7, 2011

Mind Body Fertility Care

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Parenthood is possible.  Sometimes we need to make changes in our lives to fulfill our dreams.  The same is true with creating a child.  If you read last week’s blog you saw that the medical community recommends making some sensible changes – sleep right, limit caffeine, exercise appropriately, eat sensibly and don’t put off what needs to be done today, especially if that means seeking the counsel of a fertility expert.

Research also suggests that as the holidays approach, it makes sense to be mindful of three additional mind body care suggestions.

1) Drink Alcohol Moderately.  This may be a little challenging over the holidays but it is so worth it.  Studies suggest that too much alcohol negatively impacts the quality and health of sperm.  Another study suggests that women who drink more than three drinks a week take longer to get pregnant.  And we all know that drinking during pregnancy can hurt a growing child.  So the key is to drink moderately.  And if you can’t, be honest with yourself and seek the professional help that you need.

2) Quit Smoking.  Sadly, smoking is addictive so if you are a smoker understand that you may need professional help.  It won’t be easy, but it will be so worth it if you wish to become a parent.  After all, research suggests that smoking increases ectopic pregnancy, it increases the risk of cervical cancer, it increases the risk of miscarriage and it damages the eggs in the ovary.  The same study suggests that smoking decreases sperm quality in men.  The bottom line, seek help if you are a smoker.

3) Seek professional fertility care.  If you are still struggling getting pregnant please give us a call and let us know how we can help.  At Michigan Center for Fertility & Women’s Health we integrate the latest in fertility treatment with mind body health.

Please share with us your own fertility journey.  You never know who you might help by doing so.

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