March 12, 2018

When Is ERA ( Endometrial Receptivity Analysis) Testing Appropriate?

The world of fertility is ever changing with new tests, studies, and information regularly emerging. As health care professionals, it is our job to interpret this information and determine how it may help increase the likelihood of helping patients ultimately achieve their dream of having a family.

More and more information is being reported regarding ERA ( Endometrial Receptivity Analysis) testing and its role in improving pregnancy outcomes, particularly for those with recurrent implantation failure. ERA testing requires an endometrial biopsy, which is then used to help determine the receptivity of the endometrium in hopes of finding the ideal implantation window.

Although more clinical trials and data are needed at this time, it appears that ERA testing may be useful for patients with recurrent implantation failure. ERA testing is one of the many procedures we offer at Michigan Center for Fertility. Determining whether this testing is appropriate for you depends on each patients personal history and evaluation.

To learn more about ERA testing and its potential uses and benefits select the link here.

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