March 10, 2016

“What I Wish My Friend Knew About Struggling With Infertility”

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What I Wish My Friends Knew About InfertilityInfertility affects up to 10-15 % of couples in the United States.  For many, it is an extremely difficult struggle, both mentally and physically.  In the article below, a couple struggling with infertility shares their journey.  Being sensitive to others fertility condition is very important, and can help lighten the stress that couples endure.

From this couples’ perspective, there are five main points they would like others to know. Although this is only one point of view, and infertility affects every couple differently, it is important to recognize the impact that it plays in people’s lives.

  1. It’s Lonely
  2. It Made me Worry All the Time
  3. It’s Dehumanizing
  4. It Destroyed Intimacy in my Relationship
  5. It’s Physically and Emotionally Exhausting

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