October 3, 2016

Thyroid & Fertility

The impact of thyroid on fertility.

The impact of thyroid on fertility.

There is increasing data showing an association between thyroid function and fertility/pregnancy. It is important to address all aspects of our health that may play a role in a successful and healthy pregnancy. Issues with the thyroid gland have been shown to potentially affect ovulation, embryo development, miscarriage risks, and preterm delivery.  As always, we make sure to do a thorough work-up on all of our patients, including a comprehensive thyroid evaluation, to provide the best chance possible for a healthy and successful pregnancy and delivery.

A recent study looked at the association between thyroid autoimmunity and outcomes on IVF. The study showed that the presence of thyroid antibodies may have a negative impact on the success of IVF, and therefore stricter screening and guidelines for thyroid management may play a role in improved overall success. To read the study click here.

 Thyroid Fact Sheet from ReproductiveFacts

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