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Elizabeth King, Mark Gibbons, New Years Resolutions, and more.


Tonight we bring greater awareness to sexual health, prostate cancer, and a condition millions are dealing with—Alzheimers.

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Dr. Carole Kowalczyk honored among Women Who Lead 2016.

Dean Nalites
10.06.2016 Dr Deanna Lites interview

Dr. Carole Kowalczyk speaks about the healing benefits of laser acupuncture, especially as it relates to fertility treatment.


Women Who Lead Interview Dr. Carole Kowalczyk.


October’s Today’s Woman Show highlights Breast Cancer Awareness Month, review fertility preservation options for those battling cancer, and honor our military for the upcoming Veteran’s Day.


How mind and body care can affect your journey of fertility. Also includes an interview with Dr. Rhonda Sousley and a fertility success story from Lyndsy.


This month’s Today’s Woman Show highlights a couples journey through fertility and adoption.


This month’s Today’s Woman Show highlights the importance of National Infertility Awareness Week and hear from a couple that will shape their experience with infertility.


This month’s Today’s Woman Show discuss when is the right time to seek Fertility help and talks with two patients’ paths to parenthood.


Today’s Woman, sponsored by The Michigan Center For Fertility and Women’s Health. This months show highlights prematurity awareness month and talks with local women entrepreneurs from Spbang and Our Detroit Vodka.


Tonight’s show will cover symptoms risks and treatments for breast cancer and how there are fertility preservation options for those battling cancer.


In this show we discuss a subject that many experience as they try to create a family but don’t frequently discuss with others and that’s recurrent loss of pregnancy. We will talk about why this medical condition happens and how to treat it. We will also discuss the emotional impact of recurrent loss and ways to cope with licensed therapist Claire Maurer. And back by popular demand we will continue our discussion about beauty products that are good for you. Our guest this evening will be Victoria Birk Hill of in Harmony a line of all natural beauty products.


We’ve got some great topics to cover this evening as the subject of egg freezing continues to be in the news we will be discussing with our listeners about life planning. Also we’ll try to keep it healthy for the rest of the summer and did you know July is National Ice Cream Month? We’ll be discussing this and much more.


This month’s show, we will follow up on last month’s show that focused on fertility awareness, we will review the 10 Things Fertility Patients Wish You Knew. We will also discuss the value of egg freezing especially the pros and cons and when it should be considered, the impact obesity has on women’s eggs and what science is trying to do about it. We also want to bring awareness to military families who serve to defend our country as we honor National Military Appreciation Month.


This evening we will talk about National infertility Awareness Week a federally recognized health observance by the Department of Health and Human Services. It runs April 19-25, 2015. And our show in honor of this event will focus on fertility health. We will also celebrate one year of Today’s Woman being on WJR and welcome Marie Osborne co-host of the new show In the Mix with Marie and Rochelle.


This month’s show focuses on March being National Nutrition Month and Women’s History Month. We talk about the importance of making informed food choices, developing sound eating and physical eating habits. Special guests include Certified Health Coach Tracy Fountain. We also will discuss the history of Women’s History Month and how it’s promoted.


This month’s show will discuss fertility health as we age. The show will highlight and speak with Dr. Daniela Rodriguez a plastic and reconstructive surgeon who will discuss the decision-making process that goes into enhancing our bodies and aging gracefully. This month’s show also has a special guest NY Times best selling author Dr. Gary Chapman who wrote The 5 Love Languages. He comes to the Detroit area April 18th for a marriage workshop.


 This Evening our focus will be on bringing in 2015 with a healthy start, mentally physically and financially. In our fertility segment Dr. Carole will talk about secondary fertility. We will also speak with Alexa Elias Physician Assistant and Associate Director of a new program called Healthy Start, a collaborative fitness nutrition and counseling program designed to keep women healthy. We will also talk with Melissa Spickler founder of Spickler Wealth Management Group about managing our resources effectively in 2015 and beyond.


Join Dayna Clark and Dr. Carole Kowalczyk from the Michigan Center for Fertility and Women’s Health for this month’s Today’s Woman Radio Show. They discuss ways to stay healthy and stress-free over the holidays. They will also be speaking with Margot of Margot’s European Day Spa and Michelle Beaudette-Grates of Girlie Girl. Both women will provide us with insights on the latest trends and beauty advice. We will also discuss ways to stay stress free over the holidays.


This evening we will be discussing infertility issues. Our first guest is a woman who has opened up to share her fertility journey. Our second guest is Michigan author Lisa Coleman who has written What Not to Say to Someone Not Expecting. We will also discuss adoption in support of November being National Adoption Month


October as you probably know is Breast Cancer Awareness Month but I bet you didn’t know it’s also Domestic Violence Awareness Month. We explore both topics and dig deep on how to overcome and manage each situation. Tonight we talk with Carissa Gluth domestic violence therapist at HAVEN. HAVEN provides a safe space for those struggling to overcome sexual assault and domestic violence. To cover Breast Cancer Awareness Month we talk with Amy O’ Shinsky breast cancer survivor and soon to be mom and Dr. Dharti Sheth a general surgeon with a special interest in breast disease.


Listen to Today’s Woman as Dr. Carole and Dayna cover National Yoga Month and the benefits towards a healthy lifestyle and September is Polycystic Ovary Syndrome or PCOS Awareness Month. We talk with Victoria Birk Hill Yoga Instructor of the Michigan Center for Fertility and Women’s Health and Angela Grassi Author of the PCOS Workbook Your guide to complete physical and emotional health and the PCOS Nutrition Center Cookbook 100 easy and delicious whole foods rescipes to beat PCOS.


This month’s Today’s Woman covers nutrition and fitness and its impact on fertility health. We will also talk about a new book called Life by the Cup, Ingredients for a Purpose-Filled Life of Bottomless Happiness and Limitless Success. We talk with Alexa Elias, Physician Assistant at Michigan Center for Fertility and Women’s Health and Zhena Muzkya Business Owner and Author. Today’s Woman Radio show powered by The Michigan Center for Fertility and Women’s Health or


Join us tonight at 7 p.m. for Today’s Woman as we cover a common medical condition called PCOS. We also discuss pediatric and adolescent gynecology and the role of a physician assistant.


This month’s Today’s Woman show is covering male infertility and a check up profile to keep our husbands, lovers, friends and dads healthy. They explore how the men in our lives juggle it all. Dr. Carole Kowalczyk and Dayna Clark talk with special guests Dr. Schervish, a Urologist who discusses male infertility issues, Dr. Naber, an Internist who will focus on men’s health, and Paul W. Smith, WJR’s Morning Show Host will give us insight how he manages family, work and hobbies.


This month’s show will focus on Mother’s Day. We will hear from listeners who have figured out ways to take care of themselves while juggling everything else in their lives. Dr. Carole and Dayna will talk with Dr. Grace Gibbs, an active duty flight surgeon, Janet Skowronski a mother of a son in the Air Force, Dr. Christine Crader internist at St Clair Adult Medicine Specialists, Dr. John Knapp of Eastside Gynecology and Obstetrics, Kristine Koss Tyler and special guest call-ins from some of the top Leading Women in Detroit.


Tune in to Dr. Carole Kowalczyk Medical Director of the Michigan Center for Fertility and Women’s Health as she and co-host Dayna Clark focus on topics in women’s health, wellness, families and work and provide a comnnunity for woman to help one another.